Montecatini: The Key Ingredient
With a prolific history that dates back to the 15th century, Montecatini Terme is a picturesque resort town universally recognized for its mineral-rich thermal waters and therapeutic natural clay.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Montecatini and its rejuvenating thermal waters continue to enjoy the patronage of numerous luminaries and celebrities from around the world.
The wells of Montecatini are fed by four springs: Leopoldina, Regina, Tettuccio, and Rinfresco. Due primarily to their mineral content, the therapeutic properties of the springs differ from one another and the potency of each are indicated by the assignment of descriptive terms which are "freedom" for Leopoldina, "balance" for Regina, "dynamism" for Tettuccio and "lightness" for Rinfresco.
Montecatini's healing waters originate 60 to 80 meters underground and emerge to the surface thoroughly filtered and bacteriologically pure.
Especially rich in sodium salts, the waters of Montecatini contain other essential minerals such as magnesium and iodine. Classified as the alkaline chlorinated sulphated type, the waters are perfectly compatible with the organic liquids of the human body.
MDNA SKIN is the only skin care brand in the world outside of Italy that is supplied with fango from Montecatini.* Rich with beauty minerals such as bentonite, calcium and potassium, which are essential for maintaining tissue health, the fango is the key ingredient featured in the Chrome Clay Mask.

The fango itself is a unique and precious mixture of clay suspended in thermal water which is kept for maturation, churned and mixed by flows from numerous spring sources of highly concentrated alkaline saline-sulfate water.

* As of 2016
On its way to the surface, Montecatini's spring water passes through a natural filter formed by deposits of limestone, jasper, sandstone and clay.
The Montecatini springs undergo a natural filtration process.
As the waters rise to the surface, they progressively take up mineral salts and a full complement of the organic compounds held within the earth's crust for over 500 million years.
By the time the water reaches ground level, it is purified and free of contaminants.
Home to mineral-rich springs, clay, olives and other natural blessings;
Montecatini represents the key ingredient of MDNA SKIN products.
Technology that harnesses the power of nature in harmony with you.